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H2 diplo's webinar - Hydrogen in the Angolan Energy mix
English and Portuguese
30.11.2022 · 15:30
30.11.2022 · 17:15
H2 Diplo

Context - Hydrogen is the new vector for energy transition and perhaps achieve the carbonneutrality goal by 2050. Decarbonizing the energy and transport industries will lead to an overwhelming reduction of CO2. Nevertheless, the ultimate question is ‘’what is the existing opportunity of inserting large scale green hydrogen production?’’

In this webinar, our subject-matter specialist will address the opportunities and challenges in introducing green hydrogen in Angola, while showcasing multiple applications of hydrogen focusing in agriculture and storage solutions.


  • Introduction to energy mix and brief illustration of the advantages of hydrogen technology within a specific energy mix.
  • Illustrate different usage of hydrogen and indicate how it could be potentially used in energy, agriculture and storage applications.
  • Discuss the most effective renewable to be exploited locally to facilitate the introduction of green hydrogen in Angola.
  • Proven techniques and examples of how to mix energy and tackle decarbonization in heavy industries through:


II.Eliminating leakage emissions 

III.Carbon capture

IV.Efficiency upgrades

  • Explore the performance and financial benefits and drawbacks of different energy mixes. 

Target - After the webinar the attendees should be able to answer what is an energy mix and know how best to use hydrogen within the energy or any other industry in Angola.

Duration - 90 min (60 min presentation, 10 min break, 30 min Q&A).

Moderator - Alda Manuel  

Speaker -  Prof. PhD Alexandra Pinto

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Keywords: Climate change, sdg7, green hydrogen, infrastructure, sustainability, data availability.  

Vandré Spellmeier

Vandré Spellmeier


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Alexandra Pinto